Aseptic Technologies


ASEPTIC TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures and markets innovative aseptic solution for the BioPharmaceutical industry.Its equipment and devices are designed to provide safer & easier operations for aseptic fill and finish, the best-known being the AT-Closed Vial’ technology. The AT-Closed Vial’ is manufactured in ISO 5 clean room with the stopper secured in place and gamma sterilized. Vial size ranges from 1 to 50ml. The filling of these ready-to-use vials is performed by a special needle piercing the stopper and dispensing the drug product. The stopper is then immediately resealed by a laser and a cap is snap-fitted on it. Various equipment offer an easy scale-up from manual to fully automated operation. The benefits of the technology are: better sterility assurance, reduced investments, increased safety during whole supply chain, strong operating cost reduction. The AT-Closed Vial’ technology is widely used in the Cell and Gene Therapies as it offers uncompromised container closure integrity even during storage at cryogenic temperature.